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Upcoming album – Hear Me Talkin’. The artist Anders Widmark presents 12 original songs. The rhythm section, electric bass and drums, builds a groove of simplicity. The first single, Now Is the Time, was released July 11th.

At the age of seven Anders Widmark started to compose and improvise on the piano. Many people have been inspired by the piano playing of Anders Widmark. If he plays soul, blues, jazz or pop you will find a very personal imprint. According to the National Encyclopedia he was also “one of the first in Sweden at the beginning of 1990 to mix jazz with hip hop”.

“I first heard Anders in 1999 and was knocked out by his playing. I’ve followed his playing ever since and have never failed to be impressed by the range of his talent. He’s among the great pianists of our time.” – Stuart Nicholson (acclaimed author, critic and journalist, who has contributed to many leading news papers and magazines, including the New York Times, The London Times, Jazz Times and others.)

Safe outdoor concerts / Säkra utomhuskonserter

Anders Widmark Live i Kultudralen

Kultudralen – Måndag, 3 augusti 19:00

Kultudralen – Måndag, 3 augusti 20:30

Kultudralen – Tisdag, 4 augusti 19:00

Kultudralen – Tisdag, 4 augusti 20:30

Kultudralen – Torsdag, 6 augusti 19:00

Kultudralen – Torsdag, 6 augusti 20:30

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